Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas 2007

What a Christmas! We had SO much fun in Utah visiting with all our family and friends, but we are sure glad to be home where it is somewhat warm again! Wednesday night before we left we decided to have "Christmas." Zenock did so well at opening his presents and being as excited as a 9 month old can be. He got so many fun new toys... (spoiled kid.) I think our favorite part was when he opened his new Tickle Me Elmo. We took it out of the box and when Elmo started to move, Zenock jumped in my arms and buried himself, because he was scared! It was so cute. The next day they came to an understanding much like he and the duck. He loves to play with Elmo now and can even turn him on. The funny thing is that he will wrestle and play with him until Elmo starts laughing and then Zenock will freeze and not move until Elmo stops. I am sad to say that we did not get any pictures of our Christmas here... we were so busy taking video of him.

This is Zenock with one of his new toys before we left. It is a little piano that has a big mirror and it plays lots of songs. He loves to sit and look at himself in the mirror and "dance, dance, dance."
Friday morning before we left for Utah I noticed that Zenock's top tooth was really swollen and black and blue. It stayed that way for most of our trip. His two bottom teeth also came through while we were in Utah! Let's just say he was a cranky baby for a lot of the time. On Thursday we also had to take him to the Emergency Room. He had been crying for over two hours and we had given him medicine and tried to calm him down, but nothing was working. (Zenock NEVER cries... even when he was really little. I think that was the longest I've ever heard him cry.) The doctor said they didn't know what it was except for maybe a viral infection. They gave him some Motrin and sent us home. The next day he had a temperature of 101 degrees! Poor guy! What a way to spend your vacation. He was trying SO hard to be happy and to play.

My mom gave Zenock this cute bear. He loved it! The expression on his face is... "ooooo!" (Another toy he can wrestle with!)

These are Zenock's cousins Malia and Haylee. They loved playing with Zenock. Zenock loved giving them hugs.

My brother came up from Southern Utah after Christmas to spend time with us. This is Zenock's bestest buddy and cousin Wyatt. (Can you believe they are only ten days apart?) Zenock couldn't wait another 5 weeks when he was born. He had to get here to be with Wyatt. They are so much fun to watch together.

Zenock loves to wrestle with his daddy!

This was the day that Zenock was so sick... he was trying so hard to play. Papa put him on the Zebra and he was trying so hard to play and to have fun. I was trying to get him to smile and singing his "bum bum" song - (the song we sing when we are changing his diaper to get him to hold still.) After I finished singing it he said his first word... "Bum Bum" It was so clear. We all just busted up laughing.

This is the day we left to go home. Zenock loves his Aunt Emily.

Zenock and Papa Reeder

Zenock was so cute. The whole trip he was trying to give hugs and loves to all of his cousins. This is him diving for Wyatt giving him hugs.

We really did enjoy our vacation... all except for our sick baby. I think we also gained ten pounds each! Christmas Eve my mom made an amazing dinner. (I really wish I could cook like she does!) We had turkey and honey baked ham and all the yummy salads and sides. We ate like royalty for the rest of the week! We went to the movies, ate, played with cousins, ate some more, visited with friends and family, and just enjoyed our time. JC and I have both realized that we do NOT miss the snow. Except for the humidity we love the weather down here! It snowed so much while we were in Utah. I didn't know if we were ever going to get home. Zenock did so well on the plane and slept the whole way there. He woke up for the last half hour of the flight on the way back. I think he was finally ready to be home. When we walked in our door at midnight he woke up instantly and it was like he new exactly where he was. He started smiling and wiggling out of his car seat. When I got him out, we walked into each room and he just laughed and squealed. It was so funny. We put him down and he went straight for his duck and toys. It was pretty rough trying to get him to go to sleep.

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Ryan Reeder said...

Thanks for coming. It was good to see you.

I agree with Zenock. I've seen that Elmo thing. It'll give you nightmares. I'm glad you didn't bring it with you, or at least kept it out of my sight.