Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Do kids have a sensor in them for when you are sick, tired, or have a headache that makes them become more clingy? I caught Zenock's cold and was so sick yesterday and all he wanted to do was to be held. To make it worse... I took nyquil and went to bed at 8:00. I had to wake up 3 times during the night in a nyquil haze to comfort him. He never wakes up at night! Oh well... I feel so much better today. JC is taking me on a date tonight... a real date! We do go out and on dates a lot, but we always take Zenock with us. Tonight is the FIRST time since we have moved that we are leaving Zenock at home with a friend and we are going out by ourselves! I am so excited. We are going with friends to see an off broadway touring production of Peter Pan. Peter Pan is JC's favorite movie, story, play, etc. We have wanted to see it forever, so it should be a lot of fun. (Thank you again Lesha! We owe you big time!)
I am not sure when I am going to get to post again... (it may be a long time.) I have so much to do this week. We leave Friday for Utah and will be there until the 31st. Wahoo!!! We are SO excited to see all of our family and friends. So until next time...


Ryan Reeder said...

Looking forward to seeing you (and J.C. and Zenock), and thanks for all the new posts.

your big brother,

Merry Christmas

Brooke said...

Hi Carin!
So glad you found my way to stay connected. Congratulations on all of the fun changes you have experienced. Your baby is darling!! Too cute. I had no idea...and Zenock?! I'm sure his namesake is so proud. (smile) Pass along my hello to J.C.
Merry Christmas!

jillhubbs said...

Hi Carin!
I was so excited to see your blog in your parents Christmas letter. Zenock is a beautiful baby - you 3 are such a cute family. I loved reading all of your posts, you have done such a good job on your blog, it has inspired me to want to do one. I will let you know if I ever get it up and going:-)
take care and have a wonderful first Christmas with Zenock.
your cousin Jill Hubbs

Brooke Low said...

Your family is so cute. I was hoping we would see you at church while we were visiting for Christmas but we must have missed you. I am impressed by your blog. I need a few tips from you. I hope you are keeping J.C. in line! Brooke