Saturday, December 15, 2007

First Tooth and More...

It has been a couple of CRAZY weeks at our house. It all started when Zenock became a little boy instead of our baby. First of all, Zenock got his first tooth! He bumped his mouth last week and I thought he just had a little sore on his gum, well I was checking it out a couple of days later and it was a tooth! It is on the top, so I was not expecting it. I had been watching the bottom ones more closely. Second, I am chasing him everywhere! The only peace we get is when he watches his Baby Einstein. (Thank goodness!) We are constantly moving things out of his reach, blocking paths off, pulling him away from presents, and loving every minute of it. His cute little crawl makes me laugh. I can only describe it as a worm... he starts out on all fours and ends on all fours, but the in between is more of an army crawl. (I will try and get a video put on here later, we bought a video camera for Christmas, but I'm still trying to figure it out.) I have also found out that he is ALL boy. We have a duck that quacks and sings and at first he was a little scared of it, but I think Zenock and the duck have come to an understanding, as I witnessed the other day. I walked into the room to find him wrestling and growling at the duck. He had also pulled the bow off of the ducks head. Since then, the duck has become a favorite toy. This last week Zenock has been really sick with the cold. I feel so sorry for him. The first couple of nights he was so stuffed up and couldn't breathe, so we slept on the lovesac together. What a wiggle worm!!! He slept great, but I didn't sleep at all. It brought back SO many memories of when he was born. The only way we could get him to sleep was laying him on our chests, I think I spent the first two months sleeping that way in the lovesac. (No wonder, I don't remember anything!) Anyhow, being sick has left us grounded at home chasing each other around the house. (Good thing I Christmas shop early!) Here are a few pictures from our week. This is Zenock's superman pose... after he crawls for awhile and wants to be picked up. He belly flops onto his tummy and picks up his arms and legs like he is flying.
This is a real Zenock face. I love it.
He loves to crawl under, around, over, and through... he never takes the easy way.
I love this rocking chair. My grandpa made it for me when I was little and now I get to have it for my kids. It is the perfect size! (It even matches my house.)
And here it is... Zenock's first tooth! We really are hoping another one pops through quickly so that it doesn't look so much like a Snaggletooth.... We have been singing, "All Zenock wants for Christmas are his TWO front teeth." Oh well, he still looks pretty cute.

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The Cook Family said...

How have I missed the snaggletooth? I LOVE it--it reminds me of Nanny Mcfee! Cute baby!