Monday, December 3, 2007

Eight Months Old...

Time passes by SO quick when you are having fun. I can't believe Zenock is already eight months old... two days ago! A year ago next week we found out we were having a little boy. So much can change in a year. He is at such a fun stage and we are enjoying every minute of him.
Zenock loves to sit in the lovesac and watch his Baby Einstein movie. We have a few of them, but he is pretty particular and only likes one of them. (Check out his Argyle socks... I love
The other day I put his bouncy chair up while I was getting ready. A few minutes later the jumping stopped... I stepped out to see this. He was sound asleep! It was so cute.

We love our sleep at the Larson house. On Saturday mornings I usually will bring Zenock back to bed with me after I feed him. This is pretty much what happens though.... he is such a wiggle worm.
JC got home Friday night from a week in Colorado. It has been SO nice to have him home. I definately have a new appreciation for everything he does and all of his hard work. We missed him so much. I'm hoping he will do a post and tell all about his trip, but just in case he doesn''t... here is a picture from his trip.
Something new or well confirmed for the week is that our child is a show off. Every time we go anywhere he can be crying and upset, but as soon as we walk into a store or he sees someone paying attention to him, he flashes his big "cheese" smile. (He is such a fake.) He LOVES attention. He is a pretty mild baby and can play on the floor forever by himself, but as soon as he is in a public place (such as church) he becomes so hyper and active. He dives all over us for toys and has to show off his jumping skills to everyone. Yesterday at church, I spent 95 percent of my time in the hall just letting him try to crawl and be himself. I guess this is what mom's do.... right? We sure love our little Zennie.


Erin Ulm said...

Your little family is so darling!Zenock is getting so big and he is always dressed so cute(just like him mommy)!

Erin Ulm said...

Your blog is looking super cute!! Did you make this one up yourself??