Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tourists By Weekend...

We have officially become Tourists on the weekends. Lately, there has been so much to do and see. (Not in Texarkana, but surrounding areas.) This last weekend we went to a little Historic town called Washington. (Population 148, WOW!) It is a little colonial town. They were doing a civil war re-inactment, so we decided to check it out. When JC told me it was a civil war re-inactment, my first thought was "Sweet Home Alabama." It hit me that we are definately in the South! It was pretty similiar to the re-inactment in the movie... people were getting shot and just falling down pretending to be dead! Here are some pictures of our adventure.

This is when the blue coats (the North) were starting to retreat.
The best part was when this little boy took off running to save the American flag and his pants fell down... "Oh No! My pants gone done falln' down." (That is really what he said.) Everyone turned and started taking pictures and laughing. He used the flag as a cover up until his pants were back up. It was so funny.
This is the southern calvary coming up to the North. (Notice that the leaves are just BARELY starting to turn colors.) It was over 80 degrees!!!
This guy started to retreat and leave his company... they soon shot him and he fell down right in front of us.
More battle.
Afterwards, we decided to check out the town a little bit. There were a lot of little houses and building you could walk through and tour. Because it was the actual weekend that the battle took place, everyone was camped out. They were all dressed up to match the period. Look what I found!!! (Ok, so JC found it.) Another Daniel Webster Jones. (For those of you who don't know. My great, great, great, great grandpa was Daniel Webster Jones... the one who helped the pioneers when they got stranded on the plains.) This is a different Daniel Webster Jones, but it was interesting to read his biography. He late became the governor of Arkansas. There were some similiarities. (I know Ryan will like this post. :)
So that concludes our weekend. I guess we will see what tourist attraction we hit next. The Louisana State Fair is going on right now and that is a definate possibility...


Ryan Reeder said...

So now we get to listen to your music while reading your blog.

So you hear the words "Civil War Re-enactment," and the first thing you think of is "Sweet Home Alabama"?

I have heard of Daniel Webster Jones, former governor of Arkansas (a title also held, as you know, by Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee). I had to make a disambiguation page for the two when I created DWJ's (your ggg-grandfather) Wikipedia entry. Did you know DWJ, Arkansas governor, was the only person James Black ever tried to teach the secret of creating his super-Bowie knife, a process which has never been duplicated?

Thanks for the entry. Hope all's going well.

Baird Family said...

I'm jealous of all the fun experiences you guys get to have being away!

Erin Ulm said...

Wow! You guys sure do alot of fun things! I love reading your blog to see what fun adventure's you guys are up to! Sounds like things are going well!

Erin Ulm said...

Hey Carin. I got a comment on my blog that I've been "tagged". When I click on your blog, the post that I see is the "Tourists by Weekend..." I am not sure where to look to see what I do...Can you help me?