Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This Little Boy...

I thought I would post some random pictures that were taken in the last week. Zenock just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He is starting to get so active. He is always making us laugh.
This little boy LOVES to play! He would rather play with mom and dad than any of his toys. He is also all over the place. He can be across the room in five seconds! This little boy LOVES his daddy. They are so much alike. Zenock's new favorite toy is our extra remote control. Although, the main difference is that Zenock likes to eat his remote. He always wants to do what daddy is doing. (He still loves his mommy when it comes to bedtime... I am the only one who can get him to sleep.)

This little boy LOVES his bear named "Rookie." (It is a little stuffed bear with a baseball hat on.) He loves to cuddle Rookie when he goes to sleep and when he is riding in the car. It is his "comfort" toy.
This little boy LOVES bathtime! He loves to play in the water and with his toys. He also likes to try and eat his feet...
This little boy LOVES to laugh! The first time we put this toy in the bath with him, he thought it was so funny! Every time it would spin or the little toys would spin he would just let out this long giggle. He had JC and I laughing so hard!
This little boy LOVES his first sippy cup! He has juice in it once a day. He actually does really well with it. Every time he sees it, he lets out this excited squeal and starts jumping in my arms to get to it.
This little boy LOVES to "Cheese it." The last couple of weeks he has started doing this big cheese grin and clapping his hands together. Zenock loves attention! He thinks he is So funny. He sure makes us laugh.
This little boy LOVES to dance. We love to dance around the room with him and get him to squeal. He gets so excited and just laughs and squeals. So of course, we are always dancing. Anything to make him laugh. :) We LOVE our baby Zenock.

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