Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Strikin' IT Rich... almost.

I am really starting to love having JC as a government employee. It definately has its benefits. One of those being Veterans Day! JC had the day off and it was such a nice day we thought we would head up to the Crater of Diamonds, Diamond Mine. It boasts to be the 8th largest Diamond Reserve. There is a field where you can dig your heart out for diamonds. The biggest diamond ever found there was over 16 carats in weight. As of this year over 900 diamonds have been found. They also boast to having found one of the most rare diamonds, a perfect diamond... 0/0/0 - which means clarity. (Jewelers rarely see this.) So with all that luck, we really thought we were going to Strike IT Rich... That is until about five minutes after we got there... we dug, and dug, and dug some more.
This is overlooking a part of the field you can dig through. You just pick your spot, sit down, and start digging.
Zenock loves to be outside, so of course, he was eatin' it up!Our cute boy!
We sure didn't strike it rich... (trust me, you would've heard by now.) But, we did enjoy the day off with dad!

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