Monday, November 26, 2007


Zenock is officially crawling... sort of. Saturday he took his first couple of steps. (He will take a couple of steps and then he falls down, but he gets right back up.) It is so funny to watch him, because he is still SO little! He has been so active lately and wants to play non-stop. Yesterday, at church, halfway through Sacrament meeting we were both so worn out and he was still going! We love him so much. It is amazing how much your life changes with a baby, but we wouldn't trade it for anything. JC left for Colorado this morning with school/work. He took the camera, so I don't have any new pictures, but I will be sure to take some when he gets home.

We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving at the Platt Ranch. (A family in our ward.) Thank you Platt Family! It was such a great day. Friday, I got up way too early to go shopping! I didn't plan on waking up at 3 AM, but Zenock seems to know when my alarm will go off and always wakes up at least one hour earlier. So, by 4 AM, I was out the door. I met up with some friends at Kohls. I love watching people shop at 4 in the morning. There is a mad rush to get into the store, but then everyone seems to slow down to a snails pace. I really only had two stores to go to. First, was Old Navy where people were SO upset, because they weren't going to get their $20 dollar MP3 player. They were yelling and swearing and telling the managers that they were going to get a letter from their attorney!! Honestly people, it is a MP3 player.... go buy one at Target! Which is where I went next... I didn't want to stand out in the cold... (the line was forever long.) So, I sat in my car next to the heater with front row parking and just laughed at everyone. I knew my mom and sisters would be out shopping, so I called them and had a great EARLY morning conversation. To be honest, I really didn't find all that many great deals and actually I bought everything I needed the night before online. (Sales hit online around 10:00 the night before.) That way, I was sure I got everything I wanted. If it weren't for the Crazy people, I might for go this holiday tradition. There is just something about getting up early and fighting through the crowds that brings on the Christmas Spirit!


Erin Ulm said...

That is crazy Zenock is crawling! Before you know it, he'll be walking!!
I can not believe you went shopping that early! I wish I had the will power to get up that early!! To bad they did not have that great of deals. I am like you...I did a little on-line shopping. Don't ya love the internet?!

Erin Ulm said...

Hey! You asked about my blog template. On my blog under "favorite websites" click on the link that says "blog design" it will walk you through it. It takes a while, but once you do it, you will get the hang of it. If that is to hard, they have some really cute ones on (fyi, if you select one of pyzam, you lose your information on the right hand side of you blog, so copy and paste that information so you can paste it back in) does that make sense? Let me know if you have any questions!

Robert & Tatiana said...

You little shopper you! I too got up, but not that early. I got to Logan about 7:30 and that was fine. We hit Kohls and Old Navy too, then my dad called and wanted us to find him a pre-lit tree because he was sick of putting the lights on ours, which truthfully, he never does, us kids do. So we got some good deals. Didn't see any raving shopper foaming at the mouth though. nuts.