Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Big Game

JC had his last soccer game on Saturday. (For those of you who don't know, JC is a HUGE sports fan, but soccer was always one of his least favorites... that is until recently.) JC has been playing with a team from his program every Saturday morning for the last couple of months. So to prove to everyone that he actually did play soccer and that he actually did really well, here are the pictures to prove it! (I apologize for the picture quality... It was a foggy day and the pictures are taken from the sidelines.) JC the goalie.
This was a great save!
Playing the field.
Of course, I had to get one of my baby. He did so great all through out the game.
So the team won 4-3! Some of the highlights of the game were: ALL of JC's saves. :) (There were quite a few.) JC's fight with the referee about being offsides... (He totally wasn't...) Dislocating his "OTHER" shoulder, (hopefully we don't see more of that in the future.) His almost goal and his slide and tackle. It was a pretty great season!

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The Munns Family said...

I love all the new pictures. Its always fun to see what you guys are up to. It was nice to talk to JC on Saturday to get the story of the soccer game straight from him. Too bad there aren't any pictures of the Mexican restaurant incident - I'd pay $$$ to see those (but only if you had captured JC's reaction). Love you guys!