Monday, November 26, 2007


Zenock is officially crawling... sort of. Saturday he took his first couple of steps. (He will take a couple of steps and then he falls down, but he gets right back up.) It is so funny to watch him, because he is still SO little! He has been so active lately and wants to play non-stop. Yesterday, at church, halfway through Sacrament meeting we were both so worn out and he was still going! We love him so much. It is amazing how much your life changes with a baby, but we wouldn't trade it for anything. JC left for Colorado this morning with school/work. He took the camera, so I don't have any new pictures, but I will be sure to take some when he gets home.

We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving at the Platt Ranch. (A family in our ward.) Thank you Platt Family! It was such a great day. Friday, I got up way too early to go shopping! I didn't plan on waking up at 3 AM, but Zenock seems to know when my alarm will go off and always wakes up at least one hour earlier. So, by 4 AM, I was out the door. I met up with some friends at Kohls. I love watching people shop at 4 in the morning. There is a mad rush to get into the store, but then everyone seems to slow down to a snails pace. I really only had two stores to go to. First, was Old Navy where people were SO upset, because they weren't going to get their $20 dollar MP3 player. They were yelling and swearing and telling the managers that they were going to get a letter from their attorney!! Honestly people, it is a MP3 player.... go buy one at Target! Which is where I went next... I didn't want to stand out in the cold... (the line was forever long.) So, I sat in my car next to the heater with front row parking and just laughed at everyone. I knew my mom and sisters would be out shopping, so I called them and had a great EARLY morning conversation. To be honest, I really didn't find all that many great deals and actually I bought everything I needed the night before online. (Sales hit online around 10:00 the night before.) That way, I was sure I got everything I wanted. If it weren't for the Crazy people, I might for go this holiday tradition. There is just something about getting up early and fighting through the crowds that brings on the Christmas Spirit!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Most Embarassing Moment...

So, I just read a comment and forgot to write about our most Embarassing moment so far with our child. (Which, I thought we were immune to by now.) JC gets off work at noon on Friday and we usually go out to lunch. Friday we decided to check out a little mexican restaurant by our apartments. JC was finished eating and decided to pick up our extremely wiggly child from the highchair. As soon as he picked him up, I noticed this "puddle" left in the highchair from Zenock. I'm sure you can guess what it was. This has never happened to us before. We have heard the stories, but never thought it would happen to us. Well... all that is left to say is that we had everything cleaned up, packed up, payed for, and were out of there in 2 minutes flat. Needless to say we probably won't be going there for awhile.

I know I already posted this picture, but I thought it fit the story. He really thinks he is SO funny!


Last one, I promise. My friend Maria told me that she tagged me today. JC has been taking my computer time lately to fulfill his church calling, so that means when I get the chance, I better go for it. So while I'm here and thinking about it, I'll go ahead and get this done. My blog is mainly about and for Zenock, but I thought what the heck... let's get to know Zenock's crazy mom. :) Enjoy!

The name of the game, is to name SEVEN things you may or may not know about me. So here they are in random order:

1. I am not a phone person. To be honest, I really don't like talking on the phone. Maybe it is a result from past jobs... :) I would rather e-mail, text, or have a conversation in person. I like to see people's reaction and facial expressions. I also dislike that awkward silence that sometimes happens on the phone... you know the one when you still want to talk, but you really have nothing more to say. I also dislike making appointments! Especially Drs. appointments or hair appointments. I really wish you could make appointments over e-mail. I am SO much better at that. I hate when the dr. asks what the appointment is for. For instance when I went in to see if I was pregnant... admitting it to yourself is one thing, but then having to admit it to a complete stranger over the phone, "I think I'm pregnant." I know they hear it all the time, but I just feel like I am revealing a secret no one should know about. HA! Which brings me to number...

2. I analyze everything! I really don't know why. I am always critical of myself and am always thinking, "Why did I say or do that?" or "What are they going to think of me now." I think things over way to much. I still worry what people think of me. I envy those with the "who cares, no big deal" attitude. I guess the thought of not being liked really bothers me. But, at the same time, I have to remind myself that I am me no matter what... and I am not going to be someone else. I want to be friends with everyone. I really enjoy getting to know people. I dislike people who are fake... I can see right through them. I have a tender heart and get my feelings hurt easily. JC is always telling me not to take things so seriously or think so hard.

3. I am a very organized, perfectionist... somewhat. I really am, but for the most part my life doesn't allow it and there are always surprises around the corner that have made me become less so and just to take life as it happens. For instance... Zenock came FIVE weeks early! I love my little boy and I wouldn't change anything, but I had nothing ready. Nothing was the way I wanted it to be. Sitting in the hospital for nine days, I just kept thinking of everything I wanted to be done. I wanted everything to be perfect for my little boy when I brought him home. Thank goodness I have a husband who understands this and made it as perfect as it could be when we came home. Sometimes, I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect and when life doesn't go that way, I get so stressed and just have to sit down and cry... (which is my number 4.) But, I had a great Relief Society lesson last week and one of the things that was said, was: "Discontentment is Heavenly Fathers way of pushing us forward." I had never thought of that before. So I just have to remember when things aren't "perfect", it is just my Heavenly Father's way of helping me become a better person.

4. I cry over EVERYTHING. I am such an emotional person... and it's not just because I have a child. I cried before that too. Happy or sad... I cry. I remember being at college the first week and the finale of American Idol was on. Kelly Clarkson won and I just started crying! (I remember my roomates laughing at me. :) Other things I cry over are: greeting cards, LDS commercials, Zenock growing up, remembering memories, home, and lots more. I know I get this from my mom, because we can watch movies together or talk on the phone and we are always crying over the same things. When Carrie Underwood won American Idol.. we cried together. Crying is good for you. JC is always checking to see if I am crying during The Biggest Loser when they go home to their families. (I usually am.)

5. I totally wish I was Celine Dion! I would love to be able to sing, but sadly, I can't even sing A note. Poor Zenock who has to listen to me sing primary songs to him all day long. One day he will probably tell me the same thing JC does.... to leave the singing to him. I also wish I could dance. I love watching people dance. If a dancer is really good, I get goosebumps. I started dancing when I was 4 and danced for 10 years or more, but I never felt good enough to do anything with it. I love watching people who can lose themselves in a dance. It is awesome to watch their passion for something.

6. I love to decorate my house or apartment! Most little girls plan their weddings, but I have had my dream home planned out since I was little. I have every room planned. JC thinks he is going to design our home, but he has some tough dreams to design through. I love shopping for home decor, etc. I save pottery barn magazines for ideas.

7. I am terrified that my house will start on fire. I check my straightener 5 times before I leave the house to make sure it is unplugged. (I guess you could call it OCD.) Even after I check it, I still worry. I check our oven every night to make sure it is not on. I not only check to make sure the lights are off, but I check each burner and the inside to make sure it is not warm. I hate the smell of smoke. I also check our candlewarmers to make sure they are turned off. If I'm not using an appliance, it is unplugged. I always have an escape route in my head of what I would do in a fire and what I would save. (scrapbooks, etc.) Sadly, when it came right down to it, I would probably just save my family. I just hate the thought of so many memories and everything we've worked for being destroyed. But in the end, it all doesn't matter, except my family.

Well, that is me... I don't know if it was supposed to be that long, but it ended up that way. You can think what you want of me, but that's who I am. Wow, I feel like I just wrote my life... do people really read all of this? Remember, it was late when I wrote this... :)

Strikin' IT Rich... almost.

I am really starting to love having JC as a government employee. It definately has its benefits. One of those being Veterans Day! JC had the day off and it was such a nice day we thought we would head up to the Crater of Diamonds, Diamond Mine. It boasts to be the 8th largest Diamond Reserve. There is a field where you can dig your heart out for diamonds. The biggest diamond ever found there was over 16 carats in weight. As of this year over 900 diamonds have been found. They also boast to having found one of the most rare diamonds, a perfect diamond... 0/0/0 - which means clarity. (Jewelers rarely see this.) So with all that luck, we really thought we were going to Strike IT Rich... That is until about five minutes after we got there... we dug, and dug, and dug some more.
This is overlooking a part of the field you can dig through. You just pick your spot, sit down, and start digging.
Zenock loves to be outside, so of course, he was eatin' it up!Our cute boy!
We sure didn't strike it rich... (trust me, you would've heard by now.) But, we did enjoy the day off with dad!

The Big Game

JC had his last soccer game on Saturday. (For those of you who don't know, JC is a HUGE sports fan, but soccer was always one of his least favorites... that is until recently.) JC has been playing with a team from his program every Saturday morning for the last couple of months. So to prove to everyone that he actually did play soccer and that he actually did really well, here are the pictures to prove it! (I apologize for the picture quality... It was a foggy day and the pictures are taken from the sidelines.) JC the goalie.
This was a great save!
Playing the field.
Of course, I had to get one of my baby. He did so great all through out the game.
So the team won 4-3! Some of the highlights of the game were: ALL of JC's saves. :) (There were quite a few.) JC's fight with the referee about being offsides... (He totally wasn't...) Dislocating his "OTHER" shoulder, (hopefully we don't see more of that in the future.) His almost goal and his slide and tackle. It was a pretty great season!

This Little Boy...

I thought I would post some random pictures that were taken in the last week. Zenock just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He is starting to get so active. He is always making us laugh.
This little boy LOVES to play! He would rather play with mom and dad than any of his toys. He is also all over the place. He can be across the room in five seconds! This little boy LOVES his daddy. They are so much alike. Zenock's new favorite toy is our extra remote control. Although, the main difference is that Zenock likes to eat his remote. He always wants to do what daddy is doing. (He still loves his mommy when it comes to bedtime... I am the only one who can get him to sleep.)

This little boy LOVES his bear named "Rookie." (It is a little stuffed bear with a baseball hat on.) He loves to cuddle Rookie when he goes to sleep and when he is riding in the car. It is his "comfort" toy.
This little boy LOVES bathtime! He loves to play in the water and with his toys. He also likes to try and eat his feet...
This little boy LOVES to laugh! The first time we put this toy in the bath with him, he thought it was so funny! Every time it would spin or the little toys would spin he would just let out this long giggle. He had JC and I laughing so hard!
This little boy LOVES his first sippy cup! He has juice in it once a day. He actually does really well with it. Every time he sees it, he lets out this excited squeal and starts jumping in my arms to get to it.
This little boy LOVES to "Cheese it." The last couple of weeks he has started doing this big cheese grin and clapping his hands together. Zenock loves attention! He thinks he is So funny. He sure makes us laugh.
This little boy LOVES to dance. We love to dance around the room with him and get him to squeal. He gets so excited and just laughs and squeals. So of course, we are always dancing. Anything to make him laugh. :) We LOVE our baby Zenock.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tourists By Weekend...

We have officially become Tourists on the weekends. Lately, there has been so much to do and see. (Not in Texarkana, but surrounding areas.) This last weekend we went to a little Historic town called Washington. (Population 148, WOW!) It is a little colonial town. They were doing a civil war re-inactment, so we decided to check it out. When JC told me it was a civil war re-inactment, my first thought was "Sweet Home Alabama." It hit me that we are definately in the South! It was pretty similiar to the re-inactment in the movie... people were getting shot and just falling down pretending to be dead! Here are some pictures of our adventure.

This is when the blue coats (the North) were starting to retreat.
The best part was when this little boy took off running to save the American flag and his pants fell down... "Oh No! My pants gone done falln' down." (That is really what he said.) Everyone turned and started taking pictures and laughing. He used the flag as a cover up until his pants were back up. It was so funny.
This is the southern calvary coming up to the North. (Notice that the leaves are just BARELY starting to turn colors.) It was over 80 degrees!!!
This guy started to retreat and leave his company... they soon shot him and he fell down right in front of us.
More battle.
Afterwards, we decided to check out the town a little bit. There were a lot of little houses and building you could walk through and tour. Because it was the actual weekend that the battle took place, everyone was camped out. They were all dressed up to match the period. Look what I found!!! (Ok, so JC found it.) Another Daniel Webster Jones. (For those of you who don't know. My great, great, great, great grandpa was Daniel Webster Jones... the one who helped the pioneers when they got stranded on the plains.) This is a different Daniel Webster Jones, but it was interesting to read his biography. He late became the governor of Arkansas. There were some similiarities. (I know Ryan will like this post. :)
So that concludes our weekend. I guess we will see what tourist attraction we hit next. The Louisana State Fair is going on right now and that is a definate possibility...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Here He Is...

Zenock was the cutest Tigger ever... at least we think so. We had such a fun Halloween. I gave JC the camera and he went a little crazy. So Enjoy!
Our little Tigger. Zenock took a great late nap yesterday (which he never does). When he woke up he was in a "I just want my mommy to hold me" mood. I held him for a few minutes while he cried and then I put his costume on. As soon as I did, I think he new what was going on. His mood completely changed and he got SO happy! He was the best baby all night long. He just laughed, smiled, jumped, and stayed up way past his bedtime without even being grumpy!
Our cute family.
The Tigger Tail was one of my favorite things about his costume. It was so funny to try and watch him crawl in his costume!
Ok, so there were actually two Tiggers. Can you believe these two are only 2 weeks apart?
JC handed out our candy, while Zenock and I went Trick or Treating for candy for Dad. :) (We teach em' young.) We are mean, mean parents. This is a real hurst. Somebody brought it to the Trunk or Treat and had their candy in the coffin. Zenock was a perfect fit and we had to take a picture. Mean, I know.
This is the hurst... pretty creepy.
When we got home, I put Zenock in the chair with his candy and he just stared at it for a couple of minutes. Then, all of a sudden he dove for it. He got so excited and just kept chewing on the packages. (He still doesn't have teeth, so he couldn't taste what's on the inside... probably a good thing.)

It was a great night!

Halloween Night