Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Every time I tell someone how old Zenock is, I have to stop and think... Is he really already a half month older then when I told somebody the last time! He is getting so big and is so much fun. I thought I would just list all the cute and fun things he is doing at six months.

*Smiles and laughs ALL the time (His laugh is so contagious. We could sit and laugh at eachother for hours.)
*Rolls, Scoots, Tries to crawl, Sits, (6 mths going on 2 years)
*He is impossible to change his diaper anymore... He loves tummy time and always wants to be on his tummy.
*Loves to suck on his fingers, with his hand upside down.
*Loves to spit up on anyone he hasn't ever spit up on before... (any advice on spitters???)
*Loves to throw his tantrums when mommy and daddy aren't paying attention to him.
*Talks, Babbles, Tries to Sing, Squeals... (at least when he is in church)
*He is always kicking his legs.
*He loves bathtime and loves to kick and splash.
*Loves to play with mommy and daddy (This is when we can really get him to squeal.)
*Jump, Jump, Jump... Need I say more.
*Smiles and plays peek a boo in the mirror with himself and loves to show Zenock in the mirror "So Big."
*If he could fix his own bottle, he probably could... he pays so much attention to me when I fix it.
*He only likes mommy to put him to bed.
*Smiles, Smiles, Smiles... He loves attention. He is always stealing attention from anyone that will give it to him. We were at the doctors the other day and he had the entire lobby focused on him and smiling at him. He was LOVING every minute of it.
Sitting... he is still working on it.

This is Zenock throwing a tantrum... he got mad, because he couldn't get the camera.
So, so close to crawling.
These are Zenock's favorite fingers.


Erin Ulm said...

Zenock sure is a cute baby. It is so crazy how the grow up so fast huh?!I love looking at your blog to see what your cute family is up to! It seems like you are always doing something fun!

Ryan Reeder said...

You're awesome Carin. Thanks for the post.

galadriel said...

So adorable! Do you guys have dates for when you are flying back up here yet? I'm evilly plotting against the parents, but I need dates to ensure there is complete involvement. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Carin . . I don't know how you find the time to make such a cute blog. I wish I could do something like this . . but I'm retarded with anything to do with computers. Zenock reminds me of little Jace - they look similiar - maybe it's the bald head! I love you Carin and I have enjoyed your pictures and comments. Love