Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This is Zenock's scary pose!

No this isn't Zenock's Halloween costume... sorry. There will be pictures tomorrow. But, can anyone guess what he will be??? I'll give you some hints... *He likes to bounce, bounce, bounce, just like Zenock. * There is only one, just like Zenock. * HE has stripes, like Zenock's shirt. Any guesses? Those who know can't guess. We have been so excited for Halloween and to dress Zenock up. Luckily, we have an excuse to take him trick or treating, (so we can eat all of his candy!) Our ward is having a Halloween carnival tonight, so we will have lots of pictures tomorrow! Halloween is definately mine and JC's favorite holiday. We really aren't sure why, we just love the day and I guess the time of year.

Ok, so I admit it... I'm a blogging addict. At least that's what JC says I am. Blogging is just too much fun and it gives me something to do while Zenock is napping. If Zenock wakes up at night, after I feed him and put him back to bed, I lay in bed and can't sleep, because I'm thinking of what I can "blog" about next. (This is also when I get my best inspirations.. no interruptions.) I get so excited. HA! That's the definition of a blogging addict. :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Yesterday, we decided to check out Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is a resort/tourist town, known for it's Hot Springs of course. But back in the day, it was known for it's bathhouses. They lined the street and it was quite the destination as well as the aristocratic thing to do. People came from all over to enjoy the healing power of the Hot Springs thermal baths. Joe Dimaggio & Marilyn Monroe spent their honeymoon in Hot Springs. Baseball teams such as the yankees, red sox, and the cardinals would go there to practice... Babe Ruth was even seen in Hot Springs a few times. It was a hideout for Al Capone. It is the boyhood home of Bill Clinton as well as Billy Bob Thornton. James Garner retired to Hot Springs and has a home on Lake Hamilton. We spent most of the day walking Historic Bathhouse row. Most of them are shut down. The Fordyce Bathhouse has been turned into a museum. The Buckstaff Bathhouse is the only one currently still open and running... prices for thermal baths start at around $80.00. (And it was packed!) The Quapaw is currently under rennovation and will open in the Summer of 2008. It was all really interesting. It was a little crazy to see how the rich hung out on their vacations. On the opposite side of bathhouse row are tons of little hole in the wall shops and cafes. We enjoyed lunch in the National Cafe and then got ready to take a "Duck Tour." We then boarded our bus boat and enjoyed the sites. The bus turned into a boat and took us out on the lake and showed us around. It was so pretty! The tour guide told us it was Open Gator Season and that we just might see a gator. We were so excited, but no such luck. Hot Springs is also home to Oaklawn Racing Track. I'm not sure if any good races are held there, but it was a pretty big track. After our Duck Tour we went to the Trousseaud's Wax Museum... I decided wax museums are really kinda creepy. There was so much to do and so much to see, but our day ran out before we had time to see everything. We got home late and were so tired from walking, but it was a great day!

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Fulton Pumpkin Patch

Fulton Pumpkin Patch

Friday night we thought we would go find some pumpkins, so we went to the Fulton Pumpkin Patch about twenty minutes away. Sadly, all their pumpkins drowned, because we had so much rain and water this year. But, they had a few to take pictures with and they had mazes and a small farm. I know there are a lot of pictures... I tried to only post our favorites. The rest are in the slide show.The family that owns the farm actually lives in this silo, I mean house... pretty neat.
JC & Zenock... (JC was really proud of his stache..)
Our little pumpkin... he's not for sale, sorry.

Zenock loved watching the bunnies.
He also loved having his hand licked by the horse.
Cute Baby Zenock

Behind us is Peter's Cotton Maze... for the little kids.

Even though we didn't get a pumpkin, we sure enjoyed the evening.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Green Beans!

I know, I know... another picture of a baby with a messy face. But, I thought I would post a couple of pictures of Zenock and his new highchair. He loves it! It has been so much better feeding him in his chair instead of on my lap and me being the bib. It is quite the little deal to feed Zenock... He isn't a picky eater, in fact he loves everything we have given him, (except applesauce.. which is weird, because apple juice is the only thing that made me sick when I was pregnant.) So, I feed Zenock a spoonfull and he eats it and in go his fingers... he sucks on them until I get another spoonfull ready for him. This is repeated through out the whole thing! I am always pulling his fingers out of his mouth. Sometimes, I wonder if he would prefer his fingers to food! When he eats his bottle he even tries to suck on his fingers at the same time. I tried to get some pictures of him smiling, but every picture I took, he would blink his eyes. (I took about twenty or so.)

The main course in this picture was green beans... it didn't look too great to me, but he sure loved them.

It has actually been cold this week! I think we somehow missed fall and got cold weather. It has been fun to dress Zenock up in his winter clothes. JC and I love him in his little hats. We'll get some better pictures later. Zenock and I had just gotten back from a walk and I set him on the floor and put Baby Einstein on for him. As long as he is in a good mood he loves the show.. especially when the puppets sing or dance. He is so much fun!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday To You...

Hope you guys have a great day! We miss ya! Happy Birthday to everyone else who we have missed or has a Birthday coming up...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Every time I tell someone how old Zenock is, I have to stop and think... Is he really already a half month older then when I told somebody the last time! He is getting so big and is so much fun. I thought I would just list all the cute and fun things he is doing at six months.

*Smiles and laughs ALL the time (His laugh is so contagious. We could sit and laugh at eachother for hours.)
*Rolls, Scoots, Tries to crawl, Sits, (6 mths going on 2 years)
*He is impossible to change his diaper anymore... He loves tummy time and always wants to be on his tummy.
*Loves to suck on his fingers, with his hand upside down.
*Loves to spit up on anyone he hasn't ever spit up on before... (any advice on spitters???)
*Loves to throw his tantrums when mommy and daddy aren't paying attention to him.
*Talks, Babbles, Tries to Sing, Squeals... (at least when he is in church)
*He is always kicking his legs.
*He loves bathtime and loves to kick and splash.
*Loves to play with mommy and daddy (This is when we can really get him to squeal.)
*Jump, Jump, Jump... Need I say more.
*Smiles and plays peek a boo in the mirror with himself and loves to show Zenock in the mirror "So Big."
*If he could fix his own bottle, he probably could... he pays so much attention to me when I fix it.
*He only likes mommy to put him to bed.
*Smiles, Smiles, Smiles... He loves attention. He is always stealing attention from anyone that will give it to him. We were at the doctors the other day and he had the entire lobby focused on him and smiling at him. He was LOVING every minute of it.
Sitting... he is still working on it.

This is Zenock throwing a tantrum... he got mad, because he couldn't get the camera.
So, so close to crawling.
These are Zenock's favorite fingers.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


For all of you who are going through withdrawls of not getting enough "Zenock" in your life. I hope this will ease it a little bit. I have been trying for the last several weeks to get a good video of Zenock in his jumperoo... which by the way is his favorite toy in the world. It's the first thing he does when he wakes up. Whenever he stands up he thinks it is time to jump and loves to show off in church. We sat by an older lady a couple of weeks ago in Relief Society and Zenock jumped the whole hour. I think the lady was more worn out by watching Zenock than he was from jumping. Anyhow, here's your video. Oh, and JC chose the music... ENJOY!

The Game of Life...

I need to catch up on my blogging... Everytime something happens during the week I think I should "blog" it, but I never have the time, so I just try and commit it to memory so that I can remember it the next time. I apologize if I forget anything... So we will just start from the beginning. We really enjoyed conference last week. We get the BYU channel with our cable, so we were able to enjoy it from the comfort of home. I think it was the first time I didn't fall asleep during part of it... maybe it was because I was trying to keep Zenock happy. I can honestly say I got a lot out of it while playing. We were able to attend a baptism of an older gentleman in our area in between sessions. It is great to see the missionary process in action, as well as getting to be a part of it. I am gaining a new respect for missionaries. I have been so depressed the last couple of weeks, I keep seeing all these pictures of Fall in Utah and just want to cry. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the weather, the leaves, colors, sweaters, and all the good stuff that comes with it. I guess you could say it is another one of my obsessions. Up until two days ago, it was still 90+ degrees and we were wearing shorts and T-shirts. BUT, Finally, I think it has hit. There is a slight breeze... a little bit cooler weather... and not exactly Fall, but the promise that it is coming! I am soo excited! This morning we went to JC's soccer game... (yes, I said soccer). I'm sure he would rather be playing baseball, but since soccer was the only sport offered, he decided it was better than nothing. He plays goalie and has had a lot of people tell him that he does really well. Afterwards, we went to the BBQ & Blues Festival here in Texarkana. You can buy tickets and go around and sample different BBQ and listen the the Blues... The name of the festival pretty much sums up the culture we live in. The band in the picture was actually really good. It was fun to listen to them. They are pretty big down here and we were told to get pictures because they are going on tour and we won't see them for awhile. Zenock is still trying to perfect his tricks of crawling, sitting up, and all the other fun stuff. He loves to talk and squeal. He loves attention and definately knows when we aren't giving him our FULL attention. His new favorite food is bananas... and he doesn't like applesauce. I think it is finally starting to set in how far away we are from family and friends. We are starting to get homesick and are counting down the days until we can see you all!