Saturday, September 29, 2007

So Close!

I took this picture about an hour ago and thought I would share it really quick. Zenock is so close to crawling. The picture doesn't show it very well, but he really is. It is so cute to see how hard he tries. Last night we made our first trip back to the hospital. Zenock has been sick the last couple of days and I guess it was a peace of mind trip. Everything was ok and we were out in less than an hour. JC and I both hated the feeling of going back. There are way too many emotions and memories involved walking into any hospital. On a side note... Zenock weighs 16 lbs! He has almost quadrupled his birth weight! It is my favorite time of year again... Fall and leaves! It is finally starting to feel like Fall down here. It is still pretty hot, but it has the Fall feeling. IT is also College Football season again... YAY! (Did anyone catch my sarcasm on that?) I am husbandless once again... at least on Saturdays.


Ryan Reeder said...

Wow--two posts in two days! Awesome!

Good to see he's almost crawling and doing well and nothing to worry about healthwise.

And Re: College Football season--hahaha.

I sometimes joke that I was born without the football gene. I haven't really had roommates before now who were really into watching it, but here they do. And it holds no appeal to me. I really don't see the difference from one play to another, but others can watch for hours. On the other hand, I just watched 5 hours of political ads since 1952, so who am I to talk?

(But it was educational).

Ryan Reeder said...

Cool new stuff--I don't see a place to comment on your edits, so I'll go ahead and add another here.

Hey, I just noticed something--you're the 4th-born child of a 4th-born mother and a 4th-born father and you were married on 4/4*4/'04. Did you plan it that way and I'm just slow to catch on?


Tatiana said...

Truly, how can I keep up with you!? I need to post, I know, but I seriously LOVE your new header! How did you do it? digital scrapbooking? zenock is looking so cute! I can't believe he's 16lbs! How fantastic! I miss having you around! I have about 2 days off/wk and I don't know what to do with myself. I always think, I wish Carin was here so we could go to lunch or be crafty or something! You moved to soon!

galadriel said...

Get posting missy! I need more pictures of my nephew. =)

Love you guys!