Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Growing Up

Here are the pictures I promised. Zenock has been so cute the last few days... it's funny how I can take a million pictures of the same pose and each one seems so different. I apologize if they all look the same to you. We had an enjoyable Labor Day weekend. JC's classes are starting to pick up, so we didn't go and do anything. We just stayed home and enjoyed the time. Saturday, Zenock didn't take a nap the whole day... dad was home and I think he was afraid of missing out on play time. Sunday he was so tired, he was falling asleep everywhere....
Our sleepy baby... too much play time with dad.

Our camera is a little slow, but that's ok. I get the funniest poses and faces out of it. I love it!

JC says there is a resemblance to Dopey...

He looks sooo big to me. This is his favorite... tummy time!

He loves to smile. He is trying so hard to crawl and has almost accomplished sitting up on his own. It is definately amazing how fast they can learn. His temper continues on and he has started doing this fake cough when he wants attention. We love it... it makes us laugh. As for JC and I we are doing great. We received callings in our ward... JC is the ward mission leader and I am the program person... (I get to put the programs together each week.) It should be fun. JC has already done quite a bit with the missionaries and we have had them over for dinner a few times. They just added two more to our area for a total of 4. Between that and school, JC gets pretty busy. I am getting excited for it to cool down a bit, then Zenock and I can go for more walks outside. Hope all is well.. Until next time.


Tatiana said...

How cute is he?! it's so fun to see how big he's getting! I'm so glad that you guys are having fun! With JC as the ward mission leader, you'll be having the missionaries over for dinner more often I'm sure. Good luck w/ that. And I'm sure the programs will look the best they ever have. Can I add a suggestion for the programs; put the mutual activities on there. Our ward doesn't and it's kind of annoying, I know I should know, but I think if the parents knew as well it would be better.

Ryan Reeder said...

I'd say the second picture down, along with the "Our Crazy Lives" picture confirm that the boy is, indeed, my nephew.

Hope all's well--looking forward to the next installment.