Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend Fun

The weeks are just flying by. We look forward to each weekend... there is always something fun to do. We had a blast this weekend. Friday night we went with friends to the Hope Arkansas Watermelon Festival. (Hope is the town Bill Clinton was born in.) We only spent a half hour there because it was so hot, but even in that small amount of time we saw some pretty interesting things... There was a concession stand selling fried shrimp and gator on a stick. The big thing to do is to have lawn mower races... there were quite a few lawn mowers on display.

We found this giant watermelon for sale.... $65.00! We thought we would just take a picture... it lasts longer.

Saturday we went to Dallas Texas to visit my cousin Lindsey who was in town visiting her dad. We couldn't miss the opportunity to visit the JFK museum and to see where he was shot. It was really intersting. JC enjoyed it the most.

This is Commerce street where JFK was driving down when he got shot. The building below is to the right of the street and the far right second from the top window is where Lee Harvey Oswald shot from. The museum is on the same floor and your are able to look out from where he shot from. It is a pretty eery feeling.

This is the grassy knoll... You may recognize the white plaza behind us... it is used in a lot of pictures.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding JFK's murder... this fence is to the left of the white plaza and is where it is thought a second gunman shot from.

Lindsey and I standing in front of Commerce Street. After the museum we all went to dinner at Uncle Julio's mexican restaurant. Yes.. we are all wearing pink. No.. it was not planned.

We look forward to next weekend and what fun adventure is next! My Mom, Melissa, and Emily are coming to stay on Thursday... we are so excited!


Ryan Reeder said...

Yeah, I heard about your adventures this weekend--Lindsey showed up; confirms JC's enjoyment of the museum from the old Texas School Book Depository. That would be interesting to check out someday.

If you don't like to think of Hope as Bill Clinton's hometown, you can give it another chance and remember that it's also the hometown of second-tier GOP frontrunner Mike Huckabee, who seems like a pretty decent guy.

The reunion was fun--we missed you (and David, Christina, Reghan, Lee, and Jill and Kayce and their families), but got to see everyone else. Maybe Emily will send you some pictures, since I forgot to bring my camera--both days.

Mom mentioned she was excited to go see you. Hope you have fun. Maybe I'll try to come see you one of these years while you're living out-of-state. That is, if you're OK with that.

Love you all (or do you say y'all now?)--Ryan

Oh yeah, by the way--Alaska.

Ryan Reeder said...

So let's see last weekend's report. . .