Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Catching Up

So it has been two weeks since I last "blogged." I thought I better put some pictures up really quick, so you will have something new to look at. It has been a busy couple of weeks. My mom, Melissa, and Emily came to visit on the 16th for a few days. It was fun to have them around and to show them where we live. Since school was starting in a week, we did major shopping. JC was sooo patient. I think I am even shopped out for at least awhile. I never knew you could spend so much time shopping. (wink, wink... Melissa.) JC really wanted to take them out on the lake and show them the Alligators, but no one was interested. Here are a few pictures of our shopping extravaganza at the Louisiana Boardwalk.
Emily, JC, Zenock, me, & Melissa... mom is taking the picture.
You can see Shreveport Louisiana in the background.
JC and I are loving our adventure in Arkansas more everyday. We have so much fun just being together and enjoying life. We do miss home... at times. Especially when JC reminds me that I am missing the County Fair or that Peach Days is in two weeks! I just try to keep myself busy... Zenock gets bigger everyday. At least we think so... as of Thursday August 23rd he weighed 13 lbs. 14 oz. He is trying so hard to be "so big" and to sit up. His true personality is starting to show through... and we have found out he has a temper. He is a determined little boy and knows what he wants. We sure love him though. I don't have any new pictures, but will be sure to take some this week. We love to hear from family and friends any chance we get! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weekend Fun

The weeks are just flying by. We look forward to each weekend... there is always something fun to do. We had a blast this weekend. Friday night we went with friends to the Hope Arkansas Watermelon Festival. (Hope is the town Bill Clinton was born in.) We only spent a half hour there because it was so hot, but even in that small amount of time we saw some pretty interesting things... There was a concession stand selling fried shrimp and gator on a stick. The big thing to do is to have lawn mower races... there were quite a few lawn mowers on display.

We found this giant watermelon for sale.... $65.00! We thought we would just take a picture... it lasts longer.

Saturday we went to Dallas Texas to visit my cousin Lindsey who was in town visiting her dad. We couldn't miss the opportunity to visit the JFK museum and to see where he was shot. It was really intersting. JC enjoyed it the most.

This is Commerce street where JFK was driving down when he got shot. The building below is to the right of the street and the far right second from the top window is where Lee Harvey Oswald shot from. The museum is on the same floor and your are able to look out from where he shot from. It is a pretty eery feeling.

This is the grassy knoll... You may recognize the white plaza behind us... it is used in a lot of pictures.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding JFK's murder... this fence is to the left of the white plaza and is where it is thought a second gunman shot from.

Lindsey and I standing in front of Commerce Street. After the museum we all went to dinner at Uncle Julio's mexican restaurant. Yes.. we are all wearing pink. No.. it was not planned.

We look forward to next weekend and what fun adventure is next! My Mom, Melissa, and Emily are coming to stay on Thursday... we are so excited!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

New Pictures

Zenock got his first pictures taken today... I thought I would share some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Our Little Zenock

I warned you all... my blog is dedicated to Zenock. :) I can't believe how smart he is! When he was born, they told us to count back a month for his development, but he is pretty up to date as far as 4 month olds go. He has learned so many new tricks lately and he just keeps getting better at each of them. Yesterday, he laughed out loud for the first time! It was the cutest thing I have ever heard. I was on the phone with Emily and she heard it too! He has also learned how to scoot himself around and off his blanket. He likes to scoot to the top corner of the crib each night. He is also rolling over from his tummy to his back. It is so funny when he does it, because it shocks him and he does this big arm flail. When he is on his tummy he is holding his head up so well. It is so cute to watch him pick his head up and look at you and smile.
I love playing with him and getting him to smile. His favorite game is "So Big." He likes to grab onto our fingers and tries so hard to pull himself up... but he doesn't want to sit up, he wants to stand! Another big thing is... he is teething! He is drooling and chows down on his hands. They are on the bottom and you can almost see them coming through. He is such a good baby. I couldn't ask for any better. He is starting to take really good naps during the day and he sleeps for 10 hours at night. What more could I ask for? We sure love him! He is so much fun and so cute! Last weekend we had such a good time. We went down to Shreveport, Louisiana which is about an hour and a half away. It was such a pretty drive... very green. We went to the Louisiana Boardwalk. It is a bunch of outlet stores along the Red River. There is a big bridge and a lot of fountains. It was a fun place. We wanted to take pictures, but after we got done eating it decided to down poor. So we spent most of our time indoors shopping. Which wasn't so bad. :) We found some cute fall clothes for Zenock and JC decided his new favorite store is Banana Republic... It was a good time. We will definately take pictures the next time we go down. Oh, also I got a new phone. I never did find mine. My number is the same, so call anytime. Oh my gosh... I forgot Zenock's biggest newest trick of all. He has figured out when he goes to sleep, so just before he falls asleep when I'm rocking him, he will reach up and grab a hold of my shirt so he knows when we put him down. It is really cute. All of his tricks seem so simple and may not interest a lot of you, but we are just so proud of our little Zenock! We miss you all!