Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wow... I can't believe Zenock is already three months old. He is so much fun and so cute. He is such a happy baby. He smiles all the time. For the last month he has tried to stick his whole fist in his mouth to suck on it. Sunday, he finally figured out how to just stick his thumb in his mouth. We were so proud.


Erin Ulm said...

What a cute blog, you have done a good job! I am excited to check your blog from time to time to see how things are going! Zenock is a beautiful baby! I can not believe how much he has grown! I wish you and your cute family the best in Texas!! Miss ya!

Tatiana said...

Hola! I'm so proud of you for starting a blog! My little technology friend! I can't beleieve Zenock is that big! He's always asleep when I see him so it's goo to see he wakes up and is lively every once in a while. I'm also glad to see that all your wildest dreams are coming true in Texarkana. Who would've known you'd have to go to Arkansas to have that happen. :) Kidding! Anyhow, I hope all continues to go well. We love you guys!