Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We are here... and finally moved in. I now have a moment of peace while Zenock is sleeping to do something. (This doesn't happen often.) For those of you who don't know... JC got a new job with the Department of Defense and we are now living in Texarkana Arkansas. It is right on the border of Arkansas and Texas, hence the name. We live about half a mile from the state line. We will only be here for a year while JC goes to school to get his MBA, we will then be moving wherever they send us. JC's first day was yesterday, which he said was pretty boring - processing papers, etc. Zenock and I are living a charmed life... at least we will be as soon as it stops raining. (It has rained everyday since we have been here.) Right now we just spend the day playing, taking walks, and taking naps. As soon as it stops raining, we hope to take Zenock swimming for the first time. Our apartment has a swimming pool. (Zenock's dream come true... he loves water.) When JC gets home at night, we get to go golfing and I get to drive the golf cart. (My dream come true) We live on a golf course, which is of course... JC's dream come true. (He gets unlimited free golf.) So far, we have loved it here and only cried a couple times because we are so far away from home, family, friends, Sunday dinners, and baseball games. But it has been fun to meet new friends, attend multiple ward parties, and enjoy being a family. We miss you all.


Erin Forsberg said...

It looks as though ya'all are getting spoiled with golf courses and swimming pools! I'm glad you are doing well. I love your blog!

Mal Gif said...

Apparently I forgot that you were moving,even though you told me once. It sounds like you are living a charmed life on the golf course and probably joining some hoity-toity country club. But it sounds like things are going great and I couldn't be more excited for you and your cute family. What a cute blog! Love ya!!!!