Tuesday, March 18, 2014


(Feel free to skip this one.  Just sharing some thoughts from my week.)

We all have them.  No matter what they affect each of us.  We all grow from them and we know they are for our benefit even if at the time they seem to weigh us down and even bury us in grief or sorrow.

I can't even call this (JC being gone) a trial. For goodness sakes... we begged and prayed for this.  It was a long process of pleading, prayers, phone calls, and convincing others that is would be for our good and we really wanted to do this.  (We are really that crazy.)  We took Elder Eyring's message literally when he told us we should pray for more trials... so maybe I can call this a trial?  Maybe.

So, in the midst of my trial ;)  we have had quite the month. The short story is, I remember telling some friends back in January that my kids are never sick (I even knocked on wood).  Apparently, I needed some humbling.  We have been hit the last month and a half with everything, you name it... Stomach bug, (which we most surely gave to everyone around us at a party and I'm still not sure how we contracted the dang thing after being shut in the house for 4 days due to snow storms! Ahh!)  (I hate spreading illness's.)  Zenock, my child who is never sick even got it.  A week later we all got colds.  A week later, my little Nolan had a bright red belly button with drainage... what the?!?  It turned out he had a strep infection!  (Again, what?  Is that even possible in your belly button!?)   In the middle of all of that, I somehow thought it was necessary to break my foot... falling out of the back of my car.  Ok, laugh. :) (Don't ask, I have no recollection of what happened.)  As of a new x-ray yesterday, I only have to wear a boot for 3 more weeks.  No surgery.  I also had stitches this month.  To give you a real idea, we rarely, if ever miss church... In the last 6 weeks, we have missed 4 weeks of church.  I'm officially inactive.  I finally felt like we were getting better Friday morning... we even went to a ward dinner this last Friday night.  

Then, Saturday morning hit.  Kamden woke up with his eye swollen shut.  I knew it was Pink Eye right away.  (Sorry AGAIN, ward family.  We may have just infected you all again.  Ahh!)  Zenock was complaining of a sore throat, so I took them both to the Dr. and Diagnosis confirmed...  Pink Eye AND Strep.  


At this point, I am feeling like a great Mom.  Strike me down, bring it on, I can handle anything.  Ok, Not really, I was ready to fall apart.  I had two early drs appointments Monday morning for myself and I couldn't take my kids, but now what was I supposed to do.  I couldn't leave them with friends when they were sick!  I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.   Zenock had a baseball game Saturday afternoon.  It was opening day... Baseball is a pretty non-contact sport and he was feeling ok, so we went. (Awful Mom, I know.  I didn't want him to miss it though.)  

As I stood there while the team was warming up at the batting cages I was talking to some of the other Moms.  There was a reason why I was there that day... The conversation has been on repeat in my mind over and over and I can't stop thinking about it.  

One of the Moms had a brain tumor last Summer and just recently finished radiation and chemo.  Her hair is just growing back and she was up beat, laughing, and showing me her bald spots.  This is her 2nd battle.
Another Mom was wearing a boot like mine and has been in so much pain with her ankle.  The Drs don't know what it is and just keep giving her medication which doesn't help.
Another Mom announced that she got her cancer free screening back in January.  She had had cancer all of last year.  

They are all close to my age and have boys Zenocks age.

These ladies then turned to me and said, "So we hear your husband is in Afghanistan.  How do you do it?  You are so amazing."

I was speechless.  I seriously spattered out my next words.  Words that I say on repeat.  "This isn't hard, anyone can do it.  Time is on my side and luckily, the more time that goes by the sooner my husband will be home."  Hopefully, they had no idea that under my dark sunglasses, I was bawling like a baby.  I am amazing?! Ha!  I am just living.  I prayed for my trial.  I am not doing anything different than before.  It is easy.  There is no pain, (except, the heartache of missing the one you love the most).  But, none of these women asked for their trials.  I sat through out the game amazed at these women and all they have been through.  I hope my trials are always so simple in comparison.   

Sometimes we look around and see the outside of people, we judge them quickly, and think they must have it so easy.  We have no idea what their trials are or what lies on the inside.  The truth is, no one is exempt from trials in this life.

"Just when all seems to be going right.  Challenges often come in multiple doses applied simultaneously.  When those trials are not consequences of your disobedience, they are evidence that the Lord feels you are prepared to grow more  (See Prov. 3:11-12).  He therefore gives you experiences that stimulate growth, understanding, and compassion which polish you for your everlasting benefit.  To get you from where you are to where he wants you to be requires a lot of stretching, and that generally entails discomfort and pain."

Richard G. Scott 

I have a new thought process on trials and life.  I can't say I will be prepared, but I hope I can remember to handle my trials a little bit more gracefully from here on out and be ever thankful that my Heavenly Father trusts/believes in me enough to "stretch" me, however small the trial may be. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Be Mine.

We had a happy Valentine's.  Zenock got to go back to school after three snow days off.  He was pretty excited to go and have his Valentine/Ice Cream Sundae party.  Nolan got a stomach bug the day before and it hit Kamden and I Saturday.  Luckily, the worst of it happened after my boys had already fallen asleep Saturday night and I was able to just sit and not move.  I see little tender mercies like that happen every day.  I can't express how much I know that I am being watched over.

After this year, holidays are going to be even bigger and better at our house.  We need to make up.  Not that we need too, because the best part of any Holiday is really just being together.  Having JC home will make everything seem bigger and better on its own.  We are getting excited now that we are on the downhill of time.  Counting down the days... 82 to be exact.

I like to give my boys a little Valentine each year.  Not much.  Just a little something so they know how much I love them and help make the day a little bit special.  Who doesn't love a holiday when you can yell, "I love you!" from the rooftops and no one is going to think you are crazy.  Although, I am pretty sure if I climbed on my roof my neighbors would think I'm nuts... but, they probably already do. :)

I love that these boys love each other.  I hope they always know how much JC and I love them.
I was pretty much shocked when I got this image... it was one of those once in a lifetime pictures that lasts only seconds and I barely got it.  These sweet boys are everything to us.  So glad they get to "Be Mine."

 photo IMG_6922-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6923-2copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6924-3copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6926-5copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6928-4copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6930-6copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6931-7copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6932-10copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6933-8copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6934-9copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6938-11copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6940-12copy.jpg

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow days.

Last week, we had a couple days of snow.  Tuesday was a light dusting and of course everyone got excited and school was cancelled.  Wednesday, it rained all night and day and it was apparently hazardous to travel and so school was cancelled again.  Finally, Wednesday night the snow started coming down and by Thursday morning we had a good couple of inches of fun fluffy snow.  My boys were up and out early to check out the snow (as was the entire neighborhood/city!).  Sure glad we did because by afternoon it was pretty much gone!  They were able to have a good couple of hours in the snow, having fun, and even some sledding down the driveway.

 photo IMG_6845-1copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6851-2copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6854-3copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6855-4copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6862-5copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6865-7copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6864-6copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6866-8copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6886-9copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6889-10copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6893-11copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6898-12copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6902-13copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6904-14copy.jpg

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


A few pictures and stories that just can't be left out.

 photo IMG_6821-1copy.jpg

Afternoon shenanigans and no pants.  Nolan has started climbing... From previous experience this is just the beginning and a small hill compared to the counters and mountains he has yet to scale.  Baby boy just mastered the couch.

 photo IMG_6828-3copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6830-4copy.jpg

One nap a day and waking up early to get Zenock to school leaves this little one knocked out during lunch almost every day.  If I turn my back he falls asleep.  I try to keep him awake through out lunch and then put him down.  I love his little feet... which are so much bigger than Kamden's were.  I am amazed how different my boys each are.  Nolan is now wearing the shoes Kamden wore last Summer!

 photo IMG_6831-5copy.jpg

Climbing again... I swear I have an identical picture of Zenock doing this exact thing somewhere on this blog.

 photo IMG_6826-2copy.jpg

Sweet boys sharing snacks.  Nolan absolutely adores Zenock.  He will give him hugs all day long.  Kamden is a different story.  Kamden loves Nolan and tries to give him hugs and Nolan just pushes him away and screams.  This was a rare moment of them playing and acting kind to each other.

 photo IMG_6915-8copy.jpg

Anyone else have children that think when you open the fridge you have to step up into it?? All of my children use the fridge as a step stool.  Nolan screams at me if I don't let him in the fridge when I have to get something out.  At this point, I would rather waste energy and make him happy than hear him scream at me. 

 photo IMG_6912-7copy.jpg

 photo IMG_6950-10copy.jpg

Our sweet Sister missionaries have been with us since November right after JC left.  Sister Van Komen (right) is being transferred this week and we are going to miss her so much!  These Sisters have been so sweet and have been so good to us.  We have fed them multiple times, shared Christmas with them, and they often show up for an afternoon visit to check on us.  Somehow, they always show up when I need them most.  They cheer us up, have helped with homework, and have even brought us cookies.  They mean a lot to us and I most definitely feel like they were sent to me during this time.  I love these girls.  We have had a lot of good talks and I am looking forward to seeing them again when their missions are over.  Both of them are from Utah.  Sister Van Komen is from Layton and Sister Williams is from Price. :)