Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Because it has been almost three months and I have still yet to post an update to JC being home, I figure it might be time... (read: life is bliss and we are busy enjoying time as family!)

So, in case you missed it, here is a little video from when JC came home.

So here is how things played out...

JC was supposed to be home on Tuesday and I was going to pick him up from the airport and then we were going to go and surprise Zenock during his awards assembly at school.  I had it all arranged with his Teacher. :)  Things didn't quite go as planned...

JC got back to the states early Sunday morning and had to go through a round of medical tests, turn in some gear, etc.  He was done with everything by Monday afternoon and was headed to his hotel or so I thought. He called me and told me he had tried to find an earlier flight for that evening, but couldn't.  Little did I know... he had already been on a plane and was sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for his plane to come home!  Our good friend Chris picked him up and brought him to Zenock's baseball game Monday night to surprise us.  

I had no idea. :)  I wondered if he would try and do something, but I kind of figured at this point it was too late and things were already in plan for Tuesday.

As I am sitting there during the video, Kamden tells me, "Mommy, it's Carson's Daddy!"  (meaning our friend Chris.)  In my head, I'm thinking that's nice... why is he here?!  And, then I knew exactly why so I started looking around for JC.  I looked back and there he was....  It's an image that will stay with me forever.  All at once ten thousand pounds of stress, anxiety, and fear were gone.  All that was left was love and gratitude for the amazing man that was standing there.  I haven't stopped thanking my Heavenly Father for him being safely home since.

I get asked two questions about him going all the time - 
1.  Would you do it again?  JC... If he had to, sure.  ME... No.  It was fine the first time.  I had no idea how hard it would be.  If he did it again, I would know and I'm pretty sure it would make the whole idea/experience even harder. I would just cry for months.
2.  Did you or the boys have a hard time reconnecting?   Not at all.  Nolan even traded me in the first night.  We put him across the room and both held out our arms.  He ran straight for Daddy.  I cried... happy tears of course.  It was so easy to reconnect, because we were able to be connected the whole time.  We face timed almost every day and I was able to talk with JC at least twice a day.  I got really nervous when he missed one of our usual talk/text times.  It was usually because of internet outages, but it still terrified me.

After JC got home we waited for school to get out a couple days later and then headed straight for our happy place, Pigeon Forge Tennessee.  It was possibly the best family vacation ever.  We just enjoyed each other, taking walks, swimming, eating ice cream every night,  ate whatever we wanted (we had both just worked our tails off to get in shape... and I had just finished three weeks of semi whole30 (ha!)). We just enjoyed being together as a family.

Looking back on those seven months I can't deny that angels were with me.  I felt so protected during that time.  I felt so much peace in our home.  I won't deny that there was still a lot of fear and anxiety, kids were yelling at me constantly, I was crazy stressed/ready to pull my hair out, and I can't look back on it with out tearing up and feeling very alone.  Those seven months are a fog.  But, somewhere in the midst of all of that there was peace.  There is no question in my mind that my Heavenly Father was very aware of me, my feelings, and my family.  I take great comfort in that.  I know we made the right choice for our family in sacrificing our time with JC for awhile.  It's what worked for us.  It felt right.  Once again, I am just so grateful for JC coming home safely.  He is kind of a big deal to us. :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Ball Park

The Ball Park is our happy place.  There is peace at the Ball Park.  We have had amazing weather this Spring and our baseball nights and days (trust me when I say there have been many) have stayed cool and the perfect temperature.  Maybe that has something to do with it, but in all honesty the Ball Park is where we are all happy.  My boys could live there.  I worry that if I let them, they would be unrecognizable after a twenty four hour period... after three hours they come home covered in dirt, cheeto hands, and sticky fingers.  All is well, as long as there are smiles.  I don't even remember taking these pictures, but I love them, blurry and all. :)

 photo IMG_7335.jpg

 photo IMG_7334.jpg

 photo IMG_7333.jpg

 photo IMG_7339.jpg

 photo IMG_7338.jpg

 photo IMG_7341.jpg

 photo IMG_7342.jpg

 photo IMG_7343.jpg

 photo IMG_7345.jpg

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just because.

This little boy has my heart wrapped around his finger right now.  His eyes melt my heart anytime he looks at me.  I want to freeze time whenever I hear his voice.  He pretty much runs our house...

 photo IMG_7051-one.jpg

 photo IMG_7053.jpg

 photo IMG_7054-two.jpg

 photo IMG_7055-two.jpg

 photo IMG_7058-three.jpg

 photo IMG_7060-four.jpg

 photo IMG_7061-five.jpg

 photo IMG_7062-six.jpg

 photo IMG_7067-eight.jpg

 photo IMG_7065-seven.jpg